Fishing the river
Lake Minnetonka Midwave event

Otter Tail

BJ and Jim

I had he privilege of fishing the Lund Mania tournament on Otter Tail lake with my wife. This was her first tournament.  While this was a new experience for her, I think she liked it.  I certainly liked having my wife as a fishing partner.  

The Lund Mania tournament was a new event this year and was certainly well planned and fun.  It was held in conjunction with the New York Mills city celebration on July 3. We fished against the likes of Al Linder, Ted Takasaki and Kent Herbek.

The format for the event was also new.. . CRR (catch, record and release) event.   I really like this format.  No stress on the fish at all. 

How did we do?  Well, not so well.    I think that Bj (my wife) kind of liked it.  Hopefully we can make this an annual event.

Remember to take a kid fishing every chance you can.