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Ice fishing on Mille Lacs

Mille Lacs Ice Fishing

Mille Lacs, Ice Fishing, Jim Peters, Jim Peters Outdoors, Guide ServiceWe finally got out Ice House out on Mille Lacs on January 22.  We are trying a new spot on a flat this year.  Still out of Hunters Point. I spent the better part of the weekend up there after getting the fish house all set up.  The ice thickness was 17" where we were at.  Not much snow on the ice. 

The fishing was excellent.  The Rattle Reels kept me going all night.  During the day I was jigging.  This walleye was 16".  I caught a number of them in this size range leaving me to believe the future of the lake is looking good.  The lure I am using here is a Johnson Thin Fin.  We are in 29 feet of water. 

Mille Lacs, Ice Fishing, Jim Peters, Jim Peters outdoors, guide serviceMy son Matt joined me and caught this large perch.  In fact we caught a number of large perch.   All in all it was a great weekend of ice fishing.  Looking forward to the next time. 


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